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Hello everyone---welcome to my home page. There are lots and lots of best binary options software very interesting things on this site, so please take your time and look around. The picture of the trees on the top of the page was taken several years ago in Cypress, California. Since the time of the photograph they've all been chopped down to make room for a large tract of houses. This was upsetting because the field of trees seemed to provide a bit of breathing space, a modest oasis of beauty in the midst of all the suburban sprawl. I'd like to think that my web page is sincere and unique enough to provide a bit of breathing space as well; something refreshing on the internet for all those who need it.

As far as I know, there's no danger of my site being chopped down and covered up with a housing tract (at least not yet). The world can be a harsh, Orwellian place and you may perhaps wonder whether you are being monitored by Homeland Security as you visit my site. Who knows? Just because you're paranoid, don't mean they're not after you. I will relate this anecdote about transgression, however: all the pictures I snapped of my lovely, doomed grove of trees were taken adjacent to the city police station. The field was fenced off and I trespassed and blatantly violated a dumb law so as to be among my serene and noble trees-- SO WHAT? I believe in rules binary options software that works; but rules were made to serve humanity, not humanity to serve rules. Jesus said something similar about the observance of the Sabaath (if you've read the gospels, you'll know what I'm referring to).

In the words of John Ruskin: "There is no wealth but life". Let us not fence in life and beauty so we can more easily crowd the world with false prosperity and boredom. Let us gracefully evade the delusional constrictions of greed and covetousness. The internet is still alive. It has not yet become a gigantic virtual version of Walmart with a few virtual Starbucks and McDonald's thrown in. My site is structured to open up for you the panoply of virtual reality at its best and most creative-- not to close your minds or persuade you to buy merchandise for my personal profit. (I only advertise for friends, not me!) So enjoy the internet; enjoy my site; there is still the intoxicating warmth of the summer in our midst; and then awaiting us the mellowing transition into autumn. We must admit, though, a chilling winter may one day freeze our cyber-dreams...

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